The buzz on Monarch Awards 2022

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Working on your garden? Keeping nature in mind?
Apply for a Monarch Award!

Each year the Monarch Awards program recognizes gardeners who want their gardens to not only LOOK good but also DO good.

If you:-

  • have lots of diversity, especially with native plants
  • manage rainfall on your property
  • take care of your soil- provide for insects and wildlife
  • choose hardscape features with the environment in mind
  • are a neighbourhood beacon for ecological gardening

then you should apply for a Monarch Award. It’s free and open to residents of Hamilton. The application deadline is June 21st.

If your garden is headed in the right direction but not quite ready for a full Monarch Award, you may receive a “Caterpillar” award. Beginner gardeners, new gardens, and tiny gardens are candidates for this special designation.

This year we have a new application process, using an online questionnaire and photo upload on google forms. It’s easy and doesn’t take long– and you can save your work if you need more time. For information on the award criteria / scoring rubric, please visit To apply, send a request to (there’s also a form on the web site) and we’ll email you the link to the questionnaire.

If you’ve applied for a Monarch Award in the past, do apply again and show how your garden has improved and matured.

Many applicants, even if they don’t qualify for an award, tell us how much they appreciate the site visits and the feedback from the review team. Please share widely. If you know someone who’s garden is a buzzin’, encourage them to apply.