Thanks to all applicants

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It’s been nine days since the Monarch Award deadline and the emails have been checked, latecomers accomodated, and applications coded. We have a total of 42 gardeners looking to receive either a Monarch or Caterpillar Award in 2020! This represents a 25% increase over last year. It’s great to have four returning applicants (one from back in 2016!) and to read about the changes they made as a result of feedback from our judges.

Each application has been made into a web pages for our reviewers to look at. Based on the text and images sent in, gardens will be evaluated in light of the scoring rubric. The ones that appear to meet–or get close to– the standard will be chosen for an in-person visit. Our four judges go out in pairs, on scheduled visits, to see the gardens and talk to the gardeners. Not only do our judges get to see the gardens up close (they really love doing these visits!) but they also enjoy providing feedback and answering questions.

There were several outstanding applications this year–well organized, thoughful, and thorough. Some really took the scoring rubric to heart and we’re confident that it will continue to be a useful tool for gardeners and reviewers alike.

Receiving an award means that a garden has met the Monarch Award standard. There’s no quota and we don’t assign grades or ranks. There could be a dozen recipients or only a few. We’ll be in touch, by email, with all applicants as soon as the visit list is set. This could take up to two weeks.

The Monarch Awards Team would like to thank all applicants for taking the time to gather photos and write descriptions. Good luck, and happy gardening!