Looking for Volunteers!

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map system

Do like walking or cycling (or even driving) in your neighbourhood? Maybe you know of some nearby houses with nature-friendly gardens. The Monarch Awards could use your help on the promotion team.

It’s easy! Just scope your neighbourhood and delivery “We Love Your Garden” flyers that encourage people to enter for a Monarch Award. We’ve found that this direct contact is the best way to motivate gardeners to enter– and make connections with other like-minded gardeners in their neighbourhood as well.

Going out flyering? Here’s what to look for:
– lots of different species of flowers and shrubs
– flowering plants of interest to pollinators
– no invasives (vinca, goutweed, knotweed, etc)
– the focus is on the growing things, not hardscape
– some native plants if you’re able to identify them

We have an interactive Google Map on which volunteers draw the area they plan to cover. All you need is a laptop and a gmail account. Email admin@monarchawardshamilton.org and we’ll send you link and drop off some flyers. Tell us your name, address and we’ll get you set up to do as small or as large an area as you like. If you are able, go ahead and print your own flyers and save another volunteer a delivery trip, Here’s the link to the “We Love Your Garden” flyer: we love your garden

If you don’t have a laptop or a gmail account and you’d like to help, please email admin@monarchawardshamilton.org and provide your name, address, and the streets that bound the area you will cover. We’ll be in touch to get you started.