July update

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It’s July– weeding season! We’re all busy looking after our gardens (and coping with the heat!) and no doubt our 2019 Monarch Award applicants are wondering how things are progressing.

The review is almost finished and we’re probably a week away from having a “visit list”. July 22 is the current target but, as with any group of volunteers in the summertime, we are dealing with vacations, busy schedules and unexpected delays. It’s like this every year, despite our best efforts and good intentions to stick to the plan.

Everyone who submitted an application has already received email confirmation. We have not sent any other communication so you haven’t missed anything. Once the visit list has been set, all 23 entrants will receive an email update.

Happy gardening! Stay cool and enjoy the bees, butterflies and fireflies at night. It’s been quite a show this summer.