Gardening in suburbia

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drone view of Vogt's suburban garden
Drones-eye view of Benjamin Vogt’s garden in Lincoln Nebraska.

Benjamin Vogt, writer, landscaper, and outspoken proponent of ecosystem gardening, sent up a drone to photograph his garden in suburban Lincoln, Nebraska. This birds-eye view shows a true oasis of plant diversity and density amidst a typical desert of turfgrass and stultifying traditional yards. The accompanying article “Nature vs. suburbia–reviving wildness at home” provides a fascinating insight into the process ofbring life to a sterile subdivision lot.

The photos alone are worth a visit to his web site at . Vogt promotes “rewilding” of domesticated spaces. It’s a concept that may challenge our definition of garden as well as the level of control we wield in our plantings.

Of course, Monarch Award gardens don’t need to look like this. Even if they do (and we’ve seen more than one over the years) our gardens would have a much different palette of plant species. Vogt lives in the Western Cornbelt Plains Ecoregion of the USA and we’re in the Lake Erie Lowland Ecoregion within the Mixedwood Plains Ecozone). But we certainly can take some inspiration from Vogt’s brave efforts to redefine the traditional aesthetic.

Here’s the link to the full article: