Finalists’ garden photos 2018

Echinaceas and whimsy in Joanne Tunnicliffe’s garden, August 2018.

Water feature in garden of Monarch Award winner Joanne Tunnicliffe. August 2018

Joanne Tunnicliffe’s garden, August 2018. Notice the birdhouses.

Garden of Joanne Tunnicliffe, Monarch Award winner 2018. Mid-August.

First Runner-up Nadia Coakley’s front garden.

Nadia Coakley’s new rain garden takes advantage of the natural slope.

Nadia Coakley’s garden.

Second runner-up Claudette Sims’ garden, view from street.

So much diversity in Claudette Sims’ garden.

Caterpillar Awards

Caterpillar category winner Anne McArthur’s garden.

Some of Anne McArthur’s new plantings. August 2018

Front walkway flanked by native plants. Anne McArthur’s garden, August 2018

A postage-stamp front garden by Fran Frazier, first runner-up in caterpillar category.

Fran Frazier’s back yard– lots going on in a small space.

Chris Bocz urban “farm” was built with sustainabiity in mind. Second runner-up in caterpillar category, 2018

Productivity and diversity in Chris Bocz’ food garden.