How to Apply

1. Send an email describing your garden in light of the award criteria.
2. By email send one to five photos of your garden(s)

That’s it! Easy! Now for a few details…

Tell us about your garden(s)

The Monarch Awards is NOT a contest. Because it’s not (just) about the look of your garden, we want to find out how it functions and, of course, what’s happening in the front yard and back yard. So we ask you to tell us about your garden in writing, in your own words. There’s no word minimum or maximum. Don’t worry about grammar or style– use point form if you like. We will read everything. Just don’t forget to include your name, address, and phone number.

Send your email to:

Your email should cover the following six areas: Soil, Water, Plants, Materials/Hardscaping, Cultural Practices, and Aesthetics.  To learn more about how your garden will be assessed, please read the Scoring Rubric (page opens in new tab).

For more information on ecological gardening, visit the Resources Page on this web site.

If you want to write your application as a Word document, no problem. Just attach it to the email.

If you’re keen to learn about what the judges are looking for, here’s the 2017 questionnaire, as a pdf, to view or download:

Send photos

By email, send us between one and five digital photos of your garden. If you want to send each photo as a separate email, no problem. Just be sure to include, in the body of each email, your name and address and some text to help the reviewers understand what they’re looking at. Choose photos that illustrate your garden’s Monarch Award potential. Please, no flower or butterfly closeups. We want to see the big picture. You can send the photos as an attachment to the “essay” message, or you can send them separately. It’s the same email address:

Entries by Mail / Paper

If you prefer to send your entry on paper, please bring or mail it (along with your printed photos) to: Environment Hamilton / Monarch Awards, 22 Wilson Street Suite 4, Hamilton, ON L8R 1C5 . Be sure to print your name, address and phone number on the entry.
Be sure to print your name on the back of each photo. You may include descriptive text if you like.

Within 24 hours you’ll receive confirmation by email and if there’s any problem with your entry we’ll contact you.
Entry deadline is midnight on the date of summer solstice:
2021: Sunday June 20
2022: Tuesday June 21
2023: Wednesday June 21