How to Apply

New for 2022– an application questionnaire using Google forms. It’s secure, reliable, handles photo uploads, and allows saving.

To access the application form, just provide your name and email and we’ll send you the link. Send your request to:

A quick note for previous applicants… If you already received a Monarch Award, please note that we don’t award them to the same garden twice. There’s nothing different from when you won before– so save the time in applying and enjoy more time in your garden. If you’ve received a Caterpillar Award, you’re encouraged to apply again!

Now for a few details…

Gathering information about your garden

The Monarch Awards is NOT a contest. Because it’s not (just) about the look of your garden, we want to find out how it functions and, of course, what’s happening in the front yard and back yard.

The questionnaire will cover the following six areas: Soil, Water, Plants, Materials/Hardscaping, Cultural Practices, and Aesthetics.  To learn more about how your garden will be assessed, please read the Scoring Rubric (page opens in new tab).

For more information on ecological gardening, visit the Resources Page on this web site.

If you want to write your application in Word or your favourite word processor? No problem. Just let us know and we’ll send you the questionnaire as a .rtf file. Send the completed application to .

A note about photos

We ask that you send five photos that illustrate your garden’s Monarch Award potential. Please, no flower or butterfly closeups. We want to see the big picture. The maximum file size for each photo is 10MB, which is huge. You should have no problem with uploading large files, which is one of the reasons we switched to Google forms.

Entry deadline is midnight on the date of summer solstice:

2022: Tuesday June 21
2023: Wednesday June 21
2024: Thursday June 20