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The 2022 not-so-short list

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Monarch Award garden visits are happening soon! Lots of them! Of the 30 applications received, 24 gardens have been selected to receive a visit from the Monarch Awards review team…. Read more »

It’s Monarch Award Time

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Gardens are bustin’ out! Get out there, take some photos (or use some from last season) and apply for a Monarch Award. The deadline is June 21– only ten days… Read more »

Debbie Lindeman and Dennis Price: 2020 Monarch Award recipients

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Debbie Lindeman and Dennis Price and their gardens are profiled by Environment Hamilton staffer and Monarch Awards committee member Beatrice Ekoko.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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Today, June 21, has the most hours of daylight we’ll see all year. It’s also the last day for you to get your Monarch Award applications in. The official deadline… Read more »

Gardening in suburbia

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Benjamin Vogt, writer, landscaper, and outspoken proponent of ecosystem gardening, sent up a drone to photograph his garden in suburban Lincoln, Nebraska. This birds-eye view shows a true oasis of… Read more »