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Winter Sowing 201

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Winter sowing is a tradition that reminds me of spring’s inevitable arrival. Although my own garden is full, I grow (mostly native) plants for my garden club’s plant sale, a… Read more »

Gardening in suburbia

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Benjamin Vogt, writer, landscaper, and outspoken proponent of ecosystem gardening, sent up a drone to photograph his garden in suburban Lincoln, Nebraska. This birds-eye view shows a true oasis of… Read more »

Garden Love

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A new article today from Hamilton’s Pollinator Paradise Project. Author Beatrice Ekoko quotes several of this year’s Monarch Award hopefuls who tell and show what they love about their gardens…. Read more »

Monarchs are back!

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..and they’re laying eggs! Monarchs are back in town as of Wednesday last week (May 22) and they are laying eggs already even though common milkweed is barely above ground… Read more »

Cut back the milkweed

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New research from Michigan State University suggests that cutting back the milkweed patch can make it more appealing to Monarch butterflies as a nesting site. “Monarch butterflies scout young milkweed… Read more »

ELA Webinar Nov. 8

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The Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA) has a great lineup of webinars this year but the one on Thursday Nov. 8 is especially comprehensive. It touches on all aspects of ecological… Read more »