Award Recipients 2020

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Over July and August, Monarch Award judges Charlie Briggs, Erin Mallon, Sean James, and Michael Albanese visited 22 gardens in teams of two. They had some insightful observations—and a lot of praise—for the gardeners who worked so hard for this year’s awards program. To read more about the judges’ experience , read Beatrice Ekoko’s article on the Pollinator Paradise blog.

After careful consideration, the Monarch Awards Team is pleased to announce the 2020 recipients. Six gardeners received the full Monarch Award and ten received a Caterpillar Award. Usually there would be a big group photo and a presentation at City Hall but, with COVID-19 restrictions, it was just not possible this year. Awards were presented on Thursday September 17 on the grounds of Dundurn Castle.

Caterpillar Award

Caterpillar Awards are given to gardeners who show exceptional progress in a small or difficult site, as well as to beginner gardeners to recognize a good start on a garden that is not yet ready for a full Monarch Award. Here are the 2020 award recipients in the Caterpillar Category

Laura Anderson
Matthew Chlebowski and Stacey Arseneau
Nancy Hurst
Morag Johnston
Diane LeBreton-Gerrish and Blair Gerrish
Ricardo Lozano, Elsa Marques, and family
Michael Schulte
Holly Tasker
Allyn Walsh
Maia Whitman and family

Monarch Award

The Monarch Award is for gardeners who have met the criteria in most areas and are progressing well in all areas. Recipients’ knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm is evident in their thriving gardens. Here are the 2020 Monarch Award recipients.

Lucy Dubeckyj
Debbie Lindeman and Dennis Price
Susan MacMillan
Barbara McKean and John Hannah
Angelique-Marie Mori
Beth Stormont and Sandra Root