A Monarch Award Winning Garden Workshop

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When: Sat. April 1, 9:30 a.m. to noon
Where: Perkins Ctr. Auditorium,
   1430 Main St East

Experts will share tips to create naturalized, sustainable gardens that are beautiful, functional and beneficial.

Participants will learn how to create a sustainable, pollinator-friendly garden that might help them get on the right track for a Monarch Award. Even if you don’t plan to enter the Monarch Awards, come out and learn about making your garden and properly as alive and healthy as it can be. Learn the principles behind plant selection, soil health, wise water use, and material choices.

Experts will cover topics including soil amendment/mulch, native plants, garden structure, rain gardens etc. After the short presentations, the four experts will each take a corner of the room and participants will be invited to visit the topics/corners they’re interested in.

Participants are welcome to bring pictures/sketches of their yards to get advice from the experts.

This event is free but space is limited and pre-registration is required. To sign up, email Jen: land@hamiltonnature.org .

Presented by Hamilton’s Pollinators Paradise Project