2019 profiles: Four fantastic gardens

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Our friends at the Polliinator Paradise Project have profiled four (so far) 2019 Monarch Award recipients: Kate Giroux, Tina Cooper, Michael Albanese, and Kevin Wydysz. Check them out at the PPP blog (links below).

Tina Coopers garden (“Bringing Nature Back”) https://www.hamiltonpollinatorparadise.org/blog/bringing-nature-back
Kate Giroux’s garden (“A Garden that Engages the Neighbourhood”) https://www.hamiltonpollinatorparadise.org/blog/a-garden-that-engages-the-neighbourhood
Michael Albanese’s garden (“Rain Garden: Michael Albanese Caterpillar Award Winner”) https://www.hamiltonpollinatorparadise.org/blog/rain-garden-michale-albanese-caterpillar-award-recipient
Kevin Wydysz’ garden (“Addicted to Gardening for Nature”)

While you’re visiting the PPP web site, do check out their Plant Paradise Toolkit https://www.hamiltonpollinatorparadise.org/toolkit1.html It’s a really useful, reliable, and well-designed resource for anyone wanting to start a nature-friendly garden.